Town Code and Ordinances

The Town of Carnegie periodically codifies all ordinances and policies, which then constitute the Town Code. By law, the code must be updated every 10 years with respect to any criminal or civil penalties which the town’s ordinances allow or prescribe. The most current revision is from 2005, and is posted below.

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Carnegie Town Code, 2005 revision

Ordinances and Policies

The Town also has numerous ordinances and policies that have been enacted since the code was last updated in 2005.  Here is a list of ordinances not included in the 2005 version of the Code.

Ordinances 235, 244, 245, & 253 regard annexation of certain real property, and are not included here

Ordinance 232, Sanitation rates

Ordinance 233, Notifications regarding Public Nuisances

Ordinance 234, Animal control

Ordinance 236, The adoption of the ‘Town Code’

Ordinance 237, Building Code, House Numbering

Ordinance 238, Salaries & Benefits of certain employees

Ordinance 239, Salaries & Benefits of certain employees

Ordinance 240, Water & Sewer Rates

Ordinance 241, Sanitation Policy; usage of poly-carts

Ordinance 242, Carnegie Library Board; composition thereof

Ordinance 243, Fireworks; posession and use

Ordinance 246, Utilities; Water System

Ordinance 247, Streets, Sidewalks & Public Ways; Obstructions of

Ordinance 248, Animal Control; regulation for keeping certain animals

Ordinance 249, Streets, Sidewalks & Public Ways; Obstructions thereof

Ordinance 250, Municipal Court; Enforcement by Imprisonment

Ordinance 251, Water Rates

Ordinance 252, Sewer Rates

Ordinance 254, Municipal Court; Court Costs

Ordinance 255, Water Rates

Ordinance 256, Sewer Rates

Ordinances 257-260 are available at Town Hall.

Ordinance 261, Water Rates

Ordinance 262, Sewer Rates