Elected Officials and Department Heads

Johnnie Joe Goergen, Mayor

409 S. Carol St. – 580-654-1814

Johnnie was elected in 2011 to serve on the Town Board to serve an unexpired term, and was re-elected in 2013 to serve a full four-year term. He was elected Vice Mayor in 2017. He is currently the acting Mayor and is the supervisor of the Police and Animal Control Department.

Wesley Taylor, Vice-Mayor

6 W. Brian St. – 580-654-2217

Wesley is the Vice-Mayor of the Town of Carnegie. He is the supervisor of Public Works, which includes the administration of the Water, Sewer, and Sanitation departments.

Angela Dodson, Member

219 E. 3rd St. – 580-654-1034

Angela was elected in 2013 to serve on the Town Board, and was sworn into office in May of 2013. She is the supervisor of the Emergency Medical Services Department.

In addition, the following are also elected officials from the town:

Debbie Clinton, Town Clerk

Debbie has served as the Town Clerk since her election in 2003. The Town Clerk is responsible for operating Town Hall, and is responsible for many duties of town government. The Clerk processes all invoices, claims, purchases, and issues payment upon approval of them by the Board. She is also the Clerk of the Municipal Court of the Town of Carnegie, in which many cases involving Town Ordinances and other laws are heard.

Judy Patterson, Town Treasurer

Judy was appointed in 2011 to finish an unexpired term, and was elected unopposed in 2013 to be the Town Treasurer.  The Treasurer oversees and administers the financial aspects of the Town, including the issuance of payments for which the Town owes others, and managing the Town’s investments and bank accounts.

Department Heads/Supervisors

  • Mark Taylor, Fire Chief
  • Robert Pettit, Assistant Fire Chief
  • Kenny Bailey, Public Works Superintendent
  • Tyler Walters, EMT-Paramedic, EMS Director
  • Frank Martin, Chief of Police

Emergency Management Committee (includes all Town department heads and the following)

  • P.K. Hurt, Director of Emergency Management
  • Mike Swanda, Assistant Director of Emergency Management
  • Gerald Peters, Member
  • Caddo County Commissioner, District 3, Brent Kinder, Member