Town Government

The Town of Carnegie is governed by a five-member board of trustees. We operate under the statutory ‘town’ form of government.

If you wish to contact someone within the town government, it is usually best to call Town Hall and request that a member of the board contact you. You can also call any member directly with your questions or concerns.

You can also request to speak to the board at our regular monthly meetings, which are usually held on the second Thursday of the month at the Fine Arts Building at the Carnegie Park. Occasionally, meetings are held on a different day, so please consult the schedule to know when our next meeting is happening. Two days before a meeting is held, whether a regular board meeting or a special meeting, a notice is posted at Town Hall. 24 hours prior to that meeting, an agenda is also posted which lists the topics that will be discussed and possible actions that will be taken at the meeting. Only items listed on the posted agenda may be discussed and/or acted upon.

Each of the five members of the board also are the supervisors for a particular area of town government. The members serves as a “committee of one”, meaning that they oversee and administer a particular function of the Town’s government, and report to the entire board for directions on policy and procedure. Each member is only given limited authority over a department or function. Only the entire Town Board can make decisions regarding major matters.

Elected Officials

Town Code & Ordinances

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Schedule