Kiowa Tribal Museum – The Kiowa Museum provides programs focused on preserving Kiowa language, art, song, history, and traditions.
Kiowa Tribal Headquarters - Carnegie, OK - Nations Within Nations on
Kiowa Tribal Complex

Kiowa Warriors Walk – North of the museum is an area known as Warrior’s Walk. This monument is located in a circular area at the north end of the walk. A thick concrete wall four feet high supports a flagpole flying the flag of the United States. Alongside the flagpole is a granite monument honoring Kiowa tribesmen killed in action. In front of the wall are two monuments on the ground indicating that the monument was sponsored by the American War Mothers Kiowa Chapter 18, giving the names of the Executive Boards of 1992-1993 and 1995-1996.

On the back of the monument are the names of nine of these warriors killed in action. The front of the monument reads:

Sponsored by the American War Mothers Kiowa Chapter 18
Warrior’s Walk Memorial

Carnegie Oklahoma Veterans Memorial – Carnegie Veterans Memorial located West of Carnegie, Oklahoma on Highway 9 next to Carnegie High School. 408 West Wildcat Drive Carnegie, OK 73015

This beautiful gray granite and black granite war memorial was dedicated by the citizens of Carnegie. Three flag poles with the USA flag in the center and the Oklahoma and POW/MIA flag on either side. The left vertical gray granite slab has engraved praying hands at the top followed by the text: “We were young. We have died. Remember us.” Following the text is a listing of World War I and World War II veterans. In the center vertical black granite slab is the following text: Carnegie Oklahoma Veterans Memorial The citizens of Carnegie Dedicate this monument To all of our veterans. Especially those listed who made the supreme sacrifice in the wars and conflicts of our nation. And let us not forget all those who remain missing in action or prisoners of war. Forever shall we remember Their courage and spirit. Below the text are the seals of the Military Service. The right vertical gray granite slab has engraved an angle at the top followed by the text: “Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it. It flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it.” Following the text is listed “Korea, Vietnam veterans and Jack Montgomery Medal of Honor recipient.” The bottom of the monument on two layers has the words: “A nation that forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten. America’s veterans have fought for our country’s freedoms. Some lost their lives or limbs. May they all live in our hearts forever.”

Memorial War Era(s):


Carnegie Veterans Memorial, Carnegie, Oklahoma | The American Legion

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Kiowa Casino

Liberty Theater – The state’s oldest continually operating theater showing first-run films & serving choice hot dogs.

Liberty Theater - Carnegie, OK - Vintage Movie Theaters on
Liberty Theater in Carnegie OK

Centennial Mural

Centennial Mural - Carnegie, OK - Murals on
Centennial Mural

Carnegie’s Centennial Flagpole Monument – This monument is located down town and supports Carnegie’s flagpole.

Centennial Flagpole monument
Caption on Flagpole monument
  • Fort Cobb Lake
  • Fort Cobb State Park
    Just 18 miles NE of Carnegie is the Fort Cobb State Park. It is 1,872 acres and offers a wide range of activities and facilities including camping, fishing, boating, water sports, golf, hunting and swimming.
Fort Cobb Lake
Fort Cobb Lake

Blue Canyon Wind Farm – The Blue Canyon Wind Farm consists of four phases and is located on the Slick Hills terrain just 15 miles South of Carnegie. They are the fourth largest operator of wind energy in the U.S.