About Carnegie

Carnegie was named after the famous Scottish American philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie and was founded in 1903. Carnegie sits along the banks of the Washita River in Southwestern Oklahoma. The original name of the town was Latham and was originally platted as North and South Latham depending on which side of the Washita River it sat on. For over 100 years agriculture has been a way of life in this part of the state and you will find yourself surrounded by miles of wheat, corn, soybean, and alfalfa fields.

Carnegie has a population of approximately 1,800 people, and unlike most small towns in Oklahoma we are very fortunate to have a main street three blocks long that is still bustling every weekday with people doing their daily business, grocery shopping, eating out, banking, doctors appointments, hair appointments or paying bills. At night, the street is still busy with people coming from all over the surrounding area to watch a movie in our historic Liberty Theater or to get ice cream at the local Sonic.

Education is a top priority for the citizens of Carnegie and the Carnegie Public Schools are in the top 30% of Oklahoma Schools. Like most small towns we love and support our school sports. We are proud to say that the Carnegie High School Wildcats have won three state titles in boys basketball (1988,1992,1996), as well as three titles in girls cross country (2002,2003,2004). Carnegie High also has won three state titles in boys cross country.(1999,2000,2020)

The Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma headquarters are located in Carnegie.

Visitors arriving in our small community remember the people first. We are proud of our little town and love having you come to visit. So stop, have some lunch and visit.

If you are fortunate enough to relocate to Carnegie you will find that we are not only welcoming but have a commitment to the community as a whole. Being a good neighbor and lending a helping hand is apart of our ethics. Whether your looking for a great place to raise a family or your ready to retire, Carnegie, OK. is an excellent choice.

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