Large Item Pickup

The next Large Item Pickup will be at the beginning of April 2021. Please call Town Hall (580-654-1004) prior to April and ask to be placed on the large Item list if you have large Items that need to be picked up.

These items should be large items like old couches and mattresses. We are not able to take building materials, such as shingles or hazardous materials, such as batteries or refrigerators.

The Town of Carnegie Oklahoma – About

Carnegie is a town in, Caddo County, Oklahoma, United States. The population was 1,723 at the 2010 census.

The original name of the town was Latham. After incorporation of the town in 1903, leaders of the town decided to rename the town because a Latham, Oklahoma already existed. The town was renamed Carnegie, after the philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, in the hopes that he would build a library in the town. He did not, but the town has retained the name of Carnegie.

The Town of Carnegie is on the south bank of the Washita River 27 miles west of Anadarko, Oklahoma, at the intersection of State Highways 58 and 9.

The Town of Carnegie is governed by five(5) Town Board of Trustees. Members are elected at large from within the town limits for four-year terms. Other officials include a town clerk and a town treasurer.

The town maintains the following services for the community:

Water, sewer and sanitation – 580-654-1004

The Carnegie Library – 580-654-1980

The Police Department – 580-654-1444

The Volunteer Fire Department – via Police Department 580-654-1444

The Town Cemetery – via Town Hall 580-654-1004

The Carnegie Animal Shelter via Police Department 580-654-1444

The following services are available in Carnegie but are not maintained by the Town:

The Chamber of Commerce – Contact via the Carnegie Herald at 580-654-1443

The Carnegie Schools – Contact via the Superintendent’s Office at 580-654-1470

The Carnegie Tri-County Municipal Hospital at 580-654-1050