Town to Conduct a Survey of Households to Qualify for Sewer Line Grant

The Town of Carnegie has been working diligently to secure grant funding for sewer line upgrades that will affect a couple of sections of town.

However, in order to apply for a 2012 CDBG-REAP Grant we must conduct an LMI Survey, which will determine how many low or moderate income people this project will affect. People who live in the affected areas will be contacted, by either phone or in person, and asked two (2) questions: (1) How many people live in the household and (2) if the total income for the home is more or less than a certain amount. All information will be obtained by address only. We will not ask for names, social security numbers or other personal information.

These totals will be used to verify that more than 51% of the people affected by this project are low to moderate income, which will determine if we qualify for the CDBG-REAP Grant.

Someone from the Town of Carnegie will contact you to ask for your assistance in this matter. If you would rather contact the Town Hall, you can call (580) 654-1004 stating your address and how many people live in your home. We will ask if the total income for the household is more or less than the amount listed on our survey sheet.

We need your help to secure this grant funding. Without everyone’s assistance, we will not be able to complete the survey and will not qualify for the grant. Once this portion of the upgrade is completed, we will continue in other parts of town. With everyone’s help, grant funding and hard work, we hope to be able to replace all the inadequate sewer lines.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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