Code Enforcement Officer

Carnegie’s Code Enforcement Officer is located in the Police Department at 17 N. Broadway, Carnegie, OK. and is responsible for making sure all residents comply with the towns code and ordinances.

If you want to report a property you believe is in non-compliance or you have questions regarding a notice you received about your own compliance you can contact your code enforcement officer at (580) 654-1444.

Your Code Enforcement Officer is there to help all resident comply with the towns codes and ordinances and in some cases can help you resolve the issue at no or very little cost to the property owner. They can extend the time you may need to get in compliance as long as you have a reasonable time table to complete the task.

Property owners choosing to ignore code enforcement notices could face fines and any property notice that the town is forced to take care of will be done at the property owners expense and if not paid could result in a lien on said property.

The codes and ordinances set forth by the town are for the citizens safety and for the preservation of the town itself. We ask for the common good of the town that all citizens comply.