Carnegie Water Department

The Town of Carnegie, through the Carnegie Public Works Authority, a public trust, provides Water and Sewer service to residents both inside and outside of Town limits. For water or trash service call (580) 654-1004

Water Quality Report

Here you can find our Annual Water Quality Report (Consumer Confidence Report) as required by the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). We want to keep you informed about the water services we delivered to you over the past year. Our goal is, and always will be, to provide you a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. This report is a snapshot of last year’s water quality and is designed to provide details about where your water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to standards set by regulatory agencies.

Carnegie Consumer Confidence Report – 2019 Covering Calendar Year – 2018

Where does my water come from?

Our water source is ground water drawn from eight (8) wells located within the town limits. These wells are approximately 200 to 300 feet deep and produce from the Rush Springs Aquifer in Caddo County.

Water Rates

Water rates will be updated in the near future and posted online.