The Carnegie Municipal Airport, location ID 86F, is located approximately 2 miles northeast of the town. It has one asphalt runway, 35/17, that is 3000 ft. long and 60 ft. wide. The runway was recently renovated and re-paved through a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration. Recently, the runway is now lighted with medium-intensity runway lighting (MIRL), controlled by radio through the regional UNICOM frequency.

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The airport has no refueling or service facilities available. The airport is routinely used by persons traveling to Fort Cobb Lake and surrounding areas, especially during the winter months when hunting seasons are active. A tie-down area, capable of holding 4-5 planes, is available for visitors. There are no charges for using the airport.

Space is available for hangars at the airport. For more information, please contact Town Hall at 580-654-1004.