Town Board Meeting

The Town of Carnegie’s regular session is scheduled for April, 15th, 2021 at 7pm at the Fine Arts Building located just North of the playground. Everyone is welcome to sit in on this meeting but only items on the agenda will be discussed and/or acted upon and only people on the agenda will be granted the floor.

Two days before a meeting is held, whether a regular board meeting or a special meeting, a notice is posted at Town Hall. 24 hours prior to that meeting, an agenda is also posted which lists the topics that will be discussed and possible actions that will be taken at the meeting.

Anyone wishing to be heard on a subject must come to Town Hall and fill out a request no later than 72 hours of the posting date (e.g. Meeting is scheduled for a Thursday, the agenda will be posted on Wednesday before meeting and if you want to be on the agenda you would need to have filled out a request form no later than Monday 4pm before the agenda is posted.

A complete list of dates for the Town Boards Regular Session meetings can be found Board of Trustee’s 2021 Meeting Dates. These dates are subject to change therefore we recommend you verify a meeting date before going.